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Brand Description

Since 1996 Christian and Simone Bedat founded the Bedat & Co of Geneve Watch Company. Since 2000 taken into the fold of the Gucci Watch Group Bedat is renowned for its collections who stay true in name to watches and time itself in the universal simplicity of numbers comprising No 1, No 2, No 3, No 7 and No 8 the philosophy is that each collection is timeless, one watch does not chronologically follow another. All Bedat ensure excellence through A.O.S.C - Appellation d'origine Suisseé (Swiss Certified label of Origin)

Luxurytime.co.za is not and does not claim to be an Authorized Bedat Dealer. We specialize  in   discounting only the highest-grade Swiss and German timepieces.  We trust  these  timepieces to be of such high caliber that we  warranty all watches  for a period  of 2 years.
The authorized  South African distributor of  this product is  under no obligation to  honour the manufacturer’s  guarantees/warrantees or to  provide after  sales service.

Luxurytime provides a 2 year LUXURYTIME guarantee/warranty and after   sales  service on all Bedat watches as stated Warranty : LuxuryTime 2 Year  Warranty.